Political Plights: Viewing Free Speech Through the Eyes of Art

We've launched Easygoz with the aim of sharing and supporting all types of artists.  Our goal is to share the passion for art and create a culture of artists, amateurs, fans, and anyone who is interested in supporting the world of art.  

Easygoz plans to go beyond the present and into the future of art.  Speaking of going beyond, that is exactly what one artist did when she created a replica of a very famous architectural structure.  The Parthenon Of Books was assembled by Argentinian artist, Marta Minujín in Kassel, Germany.  Artist Minujín, along with the help of students from Kassel University, identified over 170 books that have been or are currently banned around the world.  After receiving donations from the public, the banned books were carefully wrapped in plastic and installed around the Parthenon structure.  

It is historically known that the 5th century Parthenon in Athens, which the conceptual artwork is based on, is symbolic of Athenian democracy.  In having built a replica structure, the artist asks viewers to consider the role politics has had in attempting to influence thought.  To make the artwork speak even louder volumes, the location of the installation for The Parthenon of Books in Kassel, Germany is located in the exact space that was used by the Nazis to burn books as part of the Action against the un-German Spirit.  

This powerful and thought-provoking art reminds us that written words have continuously been a part of censorship throughout our history.  

What are your thoughts on this artwork and the passion surrounding it?  

To learn more and see the amazing photos of The Parthenon of Books visit here.

Photography credit: @voework